How Virtual Reality Is Shaking Up The Music Industry

How Virtual Reality Is Shaking Up The Music Industry

Dozens of industries all over the planet are being impacted by virtual reality. Most people are already well aware of how the gaming sector has been affected by VR. The same for construction, retail and marketing industries. You also have the adult market being changed by virtual reality. Proof can be seen in the dramatic rise in VR porn movies and VR porn categories. Adult content connected to VR has spiked in both use and popularity. Now you can add the music industry as another sector being positively changed by innovative VR technology.

Artists and music companies are teaming up with other businesses to bring fans VR related music content. For instance, Enosis VR and Google Play got together with the legendary Rock band, Queen. They created a virtual reality music video using the band’s original hit from 1975. Additionally, there are a large number of other artists who are making VR music videos. As everyone knows, music videos have always been very popular with people. It is why cable channels such as MTV and VH1 became so popular. The same for the video sharing site YouTube where millions of users watch scads of music videos monthly.

Unlike regular video, virtual reality is completely immersive. More than that, it is also interactive and images appear almost life-like to the viewer. Add the 360-degrees capability and 3D aspect and a viewer can be taken for the ride of their life. Of course that’s not even mentioning binaural sound, HD and 4K video quality. All of these elements combine to create the perfect storm. The technology opens up doors for the viewers, bands and music production companies. Live concerts can be seen and experienced in a totally different perspective. It is far different and much more engrossing than typical video flat screen imagery.

The fact that you have smartphones and apps to add to the mix, makes it all even more significant. Entrepreneurs and businesses all over are vying to see who comes up with the best VR music apps. Some are interactive which completely changes how fans and viewers see and feel the music video. Truth be told, it is virtual reality’s capability to be so immersive that which makes it so groundbreaking. More so when it is applied to the music industry itself. Engrossing technology has long been a tool used by the gaming industry when promoting VR games. The same has happened with the porn industry and its VR immersiveness features. Teledildonics toys and other elements are just the tip of the iceberg.

When you ask any music fan or lover how they feel about virtual reality music videos, most cannot stop gloating. They are awestruck by how sensational and mind-blowing watching characters in 360-degrees is. Once you begin to consider the possibilities of what can happen in the future of VR and music, things are taken to another level. Artists will soon be able to create worlds of their own for their fans to interact and visit. Applications can be used to bring fans closer than ever to those performers they love.

New headsets with added features are in the works and being introduced to the market. It’s why you have several companies such as Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Google and others investing in this sector. They see the potential of virtual reality and how it can change the future of music. One only has to try VR once in order to understand the possibilities and realize why VR is shaking up the music industry.