Royalty Free Music Sites for Online Videos

When making videos to be uploaded online, you cannot just directly use any music you like. You have to pay money for the track for every view it gathers as a credit to its composers and singers. To be able to avoid this, you can instead use royalty free music. Royalty free music are music that you could use for your videos without being asked to pay everytime the video is watched.

While some royalty free music has to be purchased to be downloaded, another type of royalty free music, the free royalty free music is a type of royalty free music that you can download for free with no license to have to be purchased and is best used for monetized videos. When using free royalty free music on your videos however, you must always remember to credit the artistic minds behind them.

Here is the list of royalty free music sites that also offers free royalty free music for your online videos:

  • Youtube – Youtube offers a free music resource that provides lots of searchable music content. You can search music either by title or by genre and even has the favorites button to help you bookmark the music you think would fit your future video needs.


  • Incompetech – incompetech is probably one of the most popular sites for free royalty free music that Youtubers use in their videos. It is a highly searchable site that allows you to look for the right music through its genre, mood or by instrument.


  • com – Free Soundtrack Music is a site that provides lots of free music you can surely use for your online videos. It has lots of royalty free music in its library for you to preview to download.


  • ccMixter – To find music that are totally royalty free and has a Creative Commons license, ccMixter is one of the places to be. It is a community music site that would let you access music and even create mashups. To easily find free royalty free music in ccMixter, select the licensing option, “Free for Commercial Use”.


  • com – offers free download of original songs by composer, Dan-O. In, you can surely find an original and unique royalty free music for your online videos


  • Josh Woodward – With a total of 10 albums and 180 songs, composer Josh Woodward offers a variety of free royalty free music at his site. It is a great royalty free music site for you to download and use for your online videos.


  • Bensound – Bensound is a site for you to find royalty free music on genres such as pop, corporate, country, funky, rock, folk, acoustic and many more.


  • Partners in Rhyme – Partners in Rhyme not only offers royalty free music but also free music loops, sound effect midi files and much While there is only a limited number of free royalty free music in Partners In Rhyme, you can, however, be sure that your purchase is worthwhile.


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