What Type of Music can you Use for Online Videos?

One of the most crucial part in making videos is deciding on the best music that would best suit your video. While you have to successfully convey your message through the visual of your video, you also have to add the music that would rightly support and compliment the ideas, messages and feelings you want to convey. The type of music that would best suit your online videos would always be the type of music that would best suit the message you are trying to convey. Consider the following tips in choosing the music you can use for your online videos:

  • Choose a music that would set the mood of your video.

    In videos, the mood of the video is very dependent on the mood of the music you are using. Consider the music’s lyrics, tempo, instrumentation, genre and the feelings it provokes. Make sure that you only use music which would fit the appropriate mood of your video.
  • Pick the genre most suitable for your project. In choosing the genre of the music to use, it is not only important to consider the theme, purpose and nature of your project. You also have to consider what type of genre would be most appealing and most catchy to your expected audience.
  • Carefully listen to the lyrics of the music.

    Do not only choose the music through its genre and mood, you also have to carefully examine the lyrics of the music. There are lots of music that are ironic in a way that has totally opposite lyrics to its mood. Be critical in listening to the lyrics of the song and make sure that it would best fit the goal of your project.
  • Consider which parts of the song would best fit and support the message you trying to relay. Already decided on the music which would best suit your project, you can now proceed into choosing the specific parts of the music to be used for the video. Only choose parts that would best complement your video and cut the parts you deem unnecessary.
  • Be critical in choosing where the music should start and end. Having already decided on the parts of the music you think would best complement your video, you now have to consider which parts of the video needs musical accompaniment. It is very important to consider when the video should start and end and on the effects on how the music should enter and exit in the video. In this step, you can also decide to manipulate your video and music according to your own creative preferences.
  • Review your work. Before deciding that you are already finished with add music to your project, you first have to review the outcome of your work. Before proceeding to adding other necessary enhancements, it is important to first check if there is anything else needed to be polished with your video now that it has its musical This is to make sure that you don’t need to do lots of polishing after already having added other necessary adjustments.
  • Polish parts that needed to be adjusted and remove and add parts according to your video needs. Having been satisfied with the outcome, you can now proceed to your next step in video editing.

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