Where To Get Free Music For Animated Explainer Videos

Free Music For Animated Explainer Videos

Want to make an awesome explainer video with music in the background? Are you looking for free background music for an explainer video you are thinking of creating? If so, there are several things you need to be aware of before you do so. This guide can help show you where to get free music for any explainer video you are looking to make. In addition, you will also find out why you cannot simply add any music to your video.

The reality is that no matter where you look, chances are you will see an explainer video of some kind. They are one of the most useful and powerful tools when it comes to marketing. That is part of the reason so many people are creating their own animated explainer videos these days. For the most part, the majority of popular explainer videos contain some form of music or sounds. However, there are some out there which have no music or sounds.

Whether or not you choose to add music or sounds, largely depends on the explainer video, product or services you want to promote. Remember, many companies use a video production services business to help them with their explainer video. One such company is SquareShip which has years of experience in the video production industry.

The Importance Of Music In An Explainer Video

Anyone who is considering creating an explainer video needs to know how important adding background music to them is. While it is not mandatory, in many instances it is the best way to make your video better. Depending on your video, product and audience, you may or may not need music though. Still, most of the best product explainer videos come with music in the background. Adding sounds can make them much more entertaining, fun and enjoyable. Statistics have shown that a lot of the top explainer videos contain some form of music or sound in the background.

Things To Be Aware Of Regarding Music

Adding music or sounds to your animated videos can have a positive impact. The problem is that you can’t just add any music to an explainer video. Too many people have created awesome explainer videos using copyright music. The end result is their videos becoming deleted or banned by YouTube and other sites. Plus, you can also get sued by the owner of the music if you used it without their permission. Luckily, there are countless of places where you can obtain free music for an explainer video you want to create. Below, you will find the best places where you can get free music to use on explainer videos. While some of the sites offer royalty free music, the majority require some form of fee for using songs or sounds.

Best Places With Free Music For Explainer Videos


Pond5 has a lot to offer when it comes to sites offering free background music for explainer videos. The website has thousands of tracks you can use to make your video better. Search using royalty free production music to find all types of sounds and musical tracks. The New York based website has been in business since 2006. In addition to the free music, they also provide stock photography sound effects, 3-D models and after effects, among others.

Premium Beat

The Premium Beat website is renowned for offering users high quality royalty free music. All of the songs and music on the site are handpicked by the staff. Any tracks which are not doing well are cleared. This can save you time finding good music for your explainer video. To make it even better for users, Premium Beat offers useful tips on videos. Visit their blog to find awesome and helpful advice you can use.

Royalty Free Music Library

The name for this site says it all when it comes to a great place for finding royalty free music for explainer videos. Although Royalty Free Music Library has millions of tracks you can use for your videos, they are not totally free. The site has a lifetime license as well as a 1 CD Pricing. They also offer a professional song price. The web page has an immense category of music and tracks you can use. They range from classical, jazz, pop, rock and urban hip hop. You can also get sound effects and acoustic sounds.


Many people consider Tunefruit one of best places for anyone searching for explainer video music. One of the things which makes Tunefruit so popular is their easy to use interface. They have 5 different pricing tiers, depending on your needs. The site lets you browse and listen to the songs you may want to use for your video.


You can find music for your TV, film or video easily and quickly at Audiosparx. The site offers users high quality commercial music for whatever your needs may be. The site has more than 500,000 tracks for individuals to use. Their user interface lets you search and find whatever type of sounds you require for your video.


Searching for free background music for explainer videos can be tough. But, with sites like Stockmusic.com, that problem is solved. While not completely free, they do have simple pricing tiers that start at $2.49. You can buy an entire CD of songs or just one track.

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